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Have Questions?

Our team is here to address all your storage needs and inquiries.


Q: What size containers does Sun Pac currently provide?

A: Sun Pac currently has 3 sizes for containers:

  • 8' x 10' Storage Container

  • 8' x 20' Storage Container

  • 8' x 40' Storage Container

Q: How much does a storage container cost?

A: The cost of a shipping container can vary based on size, condition (new or used), and location. Prices can range from a few thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars. 

Q: Do I need a permit to store a container on my property?

A: Permit requirements vary by location. Check with your local home owner's association or municipal to determine if you need a permit. 

Q: Can I customize my storage container?

A: Yes, storage containers can be customized to include man-doors, roll-up doors, custom paint, and other modifications based on your needs. Call us today to see if we can fulfill your customization needs.

Q: Are storage containers weather proof?

A: Yes, all of our storage containers are designed to be wind and water tight. 

Q: How secure are storage containers?

A: Storage containers are made of steel and are very secure. Our rental units are equipped with a metal box that surrounds the padlock, protecting it from bolt cutters and other tools. This significantly increases the security of a standard padlock. Upon request, Sun Pac can also provide one of our custom locks for a small fee.

Q: Can Sun Pac move my container to a new location?

A: Certainly! Sun Pac can move your container to a new location for you, we just need to see inside the container and verify the weight.

Q: Can I see a container in person before I buy one?

A: Yes! You are more than welcome to visit to our yard and see our containers in-person. See our location here - Click Here!

Q: When will my container be delivered?

A: As soon as the container is ordered, your storage container will generally be delivered as quickly as 24-72 hours (Monday thru Friday), depending on the order and whether or not modifications or customizations are needed. Our dispatch team will call you the day prior to the delivery to give an ETA.

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